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Before Pruitt-Igoe

Lately I have been working with Sanborn Maps to track the scale, pattern, and use of the Pruitt-Igoe and Gateway Arch sites. This is very much still a work in progress, but it begins to suggest what Pruitt-Igoe looked like … Continue reading

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City Arch River Competition – results are in!

Today it was announced that MVVA was selected in the City Arch River Competition. As you may have gathered by now, a certain level of cynicism about the competition inspired my project. Of the entries, and as a student and … Continue reading

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experimental geographies

In landscape architecture, representation is problematic in that the designer typically does not create the landscape. Rather, she or he creates a set of drawings, which are then conveyed to contractor who constructs the constructs and plants the plants. But … Continue reading

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Lexicon term: park

The OED defines park, 3. a. A large public garden or area of land used for recreation. c. orig. U.S. An extensive area of land set apart as public property, to be kept in its natural state for the benefit … Continue reading

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Lexicon term: aesthetic of care

The OED defines aesthetic, 1. Of or pertaining to sensuous perception, received by the senses. 2. Of or pertaining to the appreciation or criticism of the beautiful. 3. Of persons, animals: Having or showing an appreciation of the beautiful or … Continue reading

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Wild and Urban

Somewhat of a gap in entries, as I spent the last few days attending the ASLA annual meeting in Washington, DC. Several of the education sessions were of value in thinking about this project, but Peter Del Tredici’s talk on … Continue reading

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For the Birds?

An interesting discussion has been developing regarding the City Arch River Competition: is “birding” realistic as program?  Alex Ihnen at Urban STL has criticized the MVVA proposal’s Avian Research Center as, “unlikely to draw casual tourists despite the relatively large … Continue reading

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