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before Pruitt-Igoe

Pictorial St. Louis, the Great Metropolis of the Mississippi Valley; a Topographical Survey Drawn in Perspective A.D. 1875 is an incredibly detailed look at the city. The map is spread out over 110 plates and so finely detailed that it … Continue reading

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Flora of Pruitt-Igoe

I had previously only seen Pruitt-Igoe in the winter, so it was exciting and surprising to get a closer look at it in early fall color. Spontaneous vegetation is often characterized as “invasive species” — and invasive species are typically … Continue reading

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site video

While accidentally causing motion sickness and demonstrating that I will never have a career in flipcam-ography, this clip is also intended to help give an impression of how Pruitt-Igoe fits into the larger St. Louis landscape – starting at Forest … Continue reading

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site histories

I’ve been reading James Neal Primm’s Lion of the Valley and John Wright’s Discovering African American St Louis to get a better sense of the Gateway Arch and Pruitt-Igoe sites’ histories before urban renewal.  Today I found a new story … Continue reading

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St Louis Urban Flora

In preparation for my site visit in a few days, I have been researching St Louis’ urban flora.  Inspired by Del Tredici’s Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast, here are some facts, history, and positive attributes of some of the … Continue reading

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authentic wilds

A couple of weeks ago, a group of Australian landscape architects visited UVA for the Thaler Symposium — Anton James from JMD, Perry Lethlean from Taylor Cullity Lethlean, and Julian Raxworthy from QUT. I’ve found myself thinking about the projects … Continue reading

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