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Arch Grounds Update

Below are a few links to information about the January 26 JNEM design update public presentation.  A few notes: -budget estimate is now $578M, approaching double the 2009 NPS estimate ($305M). -Gondolas across the Mississippi River (from the Behnisch concept) … Continue reading

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Urban Renewal / Lincoln Center

About a month ago, the Washington Post’s architecture critic, Philip Kennicott, wrote an article comparing the Diller Scofidio + Renfro redesigned Lincoln Center with the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Kennicott praises the Lincoln Center redesign for protecting and enhancing … Continue reading

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gateway city

This series of diagrams explores St. Louis as a Gateway City.  JNEM presents only one narrative: that of the city as a gateway to the west.  However, there are several other narratives that could be presented at a re-interpreted JNEM. … Continue reading

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JNEM and P-I

This set of diagrams compares the JNEM and Pruitt-Igoe sites.   The largest building footprint at JNEM is a parking garage.  Pruitt-Igoe is dominated by two schools.     Barriers define the edges of each site.  JNEM much more porous … Continue reading

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Pruitt-Igoe: vegetation and circulation, 2010 & 1968

This series of diagrams explores the relationship between the Pruitt-Igoe site as it exists today and structures present on the site in a 1968 aerial image. Diagram of 2010 canopy overlaid with 1968 building footprints.  There is no readily apparent … Continue reading

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Pruitt-Igoe Forest Timeline

Using historic imagery from GoogleEarth, this series of images explores the growth of the Pruitt-Igoe forest over time. These images suggest that varying site conditions or maintenance regimes allowed trees to grow first at the fence, and to spread from … Continue reading

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Lexicon Terms: Cultural Landscapes and Historic Preservation

Section summary: Cultural landscapes and historic preservation are each concerned with sites significant to history and cultural identity.  Within each field, there is some level of awareness that selective study or preservation of sites creates history and identity, privileging particular … Continue reading

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