Pruitt-Igoe: vegetation and circulation, 2010 & 1968

This series of diagrams explores the relationship between the Pruitt-Igoe site as it exists today and structures present on the site in a 1968 aerial image.

Diagram of 2010 canopy overlaid with 1968 building footprints.  There is no readily apparent relationship between the presence of canopy cover and the locations of the structures.

This diagram of the 2010 circulation spaces (pathways, roadways, parking lots, etc) overlaid with the 1968 footprint reveals that the pathways through the forest — visible in aerial imagery and on the ground — are remnants of the Pruitt-Igoe housing project.

In this final diagram, the 2010 circulation is simplified to emphasize the similarities between it an the pathways and roadways that existed in 1968.  Could the pathways be considered a historic element of the site?

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3 Responses to Pruitt-Igoe: vegetation and circulation, 2010 & 1968

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  2. olivia says:

    Melissa, I really enjoyed you project and think that you have a great idea!GOOD JOB! I am also going to submit an idea for the competition and wanted to ask you where you got the Cad Linework of the in your circulation diagrams that show the building that have been torn down.

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