Arch Grounds Update

Below are a few links to information about the January 26 JNEM design update public presentation.  A few notes:

-budget estimate is now $578M, approaching double the 2009 NPS estimate ($305M).

-Gondolas across the Mississippi River (from the Behnisch concept) are back.  I remain unconvinced on the practicality of this one.

-Kiener Plaza redesign now part of scope, perhaps enhancing the park connection between the city and the Arch along Chesnut and Market Streets.

-Several blocks of Memorial Drive may be closed, and a landbridge over I-70 could improve pedestrian access between JNEM and the city.

Urban STL: $578M Arch Grounds Transformation Gets Revised

Urban STL: Bring in the Gondolas

St Louis Post Dispatch: Tweaked Arch plan gets price tag: $578 Million

Framing a Modern Masterpiece: Project Statistics

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