st louis urban flora

The Arch Grounds and Pruitt-Igoe could both be said to be representative of a St. Louis forest.  The Arch grounds, as designed by Kiley, were intended to be a modernist abstraction of the local forests.  (It is important to note here that Kiley did not consider it necessary for this abstraction to be limited to native plants – scale and form were also critical in Kiley’s plant selection.)  Following Saarinen’s death, and facing budget pressures, the National Park Service opted to complete the landscape design and construction without consulting Kiley.

Pruitt-Igoe, on the other hand, wasn’t consciously designed by anyone – but it still represents a landscape resulting from human action: clearing, compaction, construction, demolition,  abandonment.

This chart sought to catalog the species associated with the Arch grounds today, those present in the Kiley plan, and those present at Pruitt-Igoe.  Additional research will investigate these species further.

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