NorthSide back on?

Architect's rendering of the proposed NorthSide development.

One question that has frequently come up in this project is what the impetus in re-imagining the Pruitt-Igoe site would be.  Why now?

The easy answer has always been that the JNEM stands to gain $300 $600 Million in funding – why not consider some other alternatives?

The difficult answer has been that maybe this site is threatened with redevelopment – should NorthSide proceed.

It has been difficult from this distance to figure out how seriously to take NorthSide: developer Paul McKee seems pretty unpopular, and the plan was described as “too vague” last summer.  Yet, NorthSide has also been the topic of an article in the latest issue of Topos (a European landscape architecture magazine) and is now edging closer to receiving tax increment financing (TIF).

I will be following the NorthSide story a bit more closely – and hope to hear from anyone with more information.

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