phased plans

The Pruitt-Igoe forest is a result of both cultural and ecological processes.  This project proposes a phased adaptation of the site.

 In the first phase, small areas of the forest are cleared for the construction of gabion mattresses.  As these gabions are colonized by vegetation, a regime of fire-based maintenance can be instituted.  Forested areas, acting as seed banks, can be maintained on the east and west edges of the site.

At the southern edge of the site, a nursery bosquet is initially planted densely with small trees.  As the trees grow, the bosquet can be thinned and the extra trees can be transplanted to other areas of the city.

Eventually, a new nursery to the east of the site allows for the propagation of Pruitt-Igoe-adapted species.

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2 Responses to phased plans

  1. Christopher says:

    Thanks so much for you Blog you project seems to be coming along nicely, the way you modeled the trees is great. I was wondering if you could tell me at what time these two aerial Photo’s where taken.

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