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Lexicon terms: Ecological Memory, Ecosystem Restoration and Novel Ecosystems

Ecological Memory Ecological memory is a term from ecological restoration, which contributes to a site’s ability to regenerate after disturbance, “After a community or ecosystem is lost, it may leave behind an ecological memory.  The site history, soil properties, spores, … Continue reading

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Lexicon terms: spontaneous vegetation, weeds and invasive species

Spontaneous vegetation, weeds and invasive species are three overlapping terms that refer to plants that were not intentionally cultivated at a given site by humans but not considered to grow there naturally, either.  The term “weeds” is used to refer … Continue reading

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St Louis Urban Flora

In preparation for my site visit in a few days, I have been researching St Louis’ urban flora.  Inspired by Del Tredici’s Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast, here are some facts, history, and positive attributes of some of the … Continue reading

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Wild and Urban

Somewhat of a gap in entries, as I spent the last few days attending the ASLA annual meeting in Washington, DC. Several of the education sessions were of value in thinking about this project, but Peter Del Tredici’s talk on … Continue reading

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For the Birds?

An interesting discussion has been developing regarding the City Arch River Competition: is “birding” realistic as program?  Alex Ihnen at Urban STL has criticized the MVVA proposal’s Avian Research Center as, “unlikely to draw casual tourists despite the relatively large … Continue reading

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