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St. Louis Physical Model

This physical model of St. Louis shows the JNEM and Pruitt-Igoe sites in relation to one another.  The topography is distorted to emphasize the filled Mill Creek valley – another aspect of St. Louis urban renewal that transformed the urban … Continue reading

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gateway city

This series of diagrams explores St. Louis as a Gateway City.  JNEM presents only one narrative: that of the city as a gateway to the west.  However, there are several other narratives that could be presented at a re-interpreted JNEM. … Continue reading

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before Pruitt-Igoe

Pictorial St. Louis, the Great Metropolis of the Mississippi Valley; a Topographical Survey Drawn in Perspective A.D. 1875 is an incredibly detailed look at the city. The map is spread out over 110 plates and so finely detailed that it … Continue reading

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Before Pruitt-Igoe

Lately I have been working with Sanborn Maps to track the scale, pattern, and use of the Pruitt-Igoe and Gateway Arch sites. This is very much still a work in progress, but it begins to suggest what Pruitt-Igoe looked like … Continue reading

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experimental geographies

In landscape architecture, representation is problematic in that the designer typically does not create the landscape. Rather, she or he creates a set of drawings, which are then conveyed to contractor who constructs the constructs and plants the plants. But … Continue reading

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