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proposals for pruitt-igoe

Over the past few weeks, I have focused on developing an approach to the Pruitt-Igoe site that deals not only with program – but that reveals site history: Pruitt-Igoe, demolition, revegetation.  In this post I will describe the four strategies … Continue reading

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project statement: new, improved, and revised

Several narratives distinguish the city of Saint Louis.  Historically, it has historically served as a frontier trading village; both a stop and a destination for Exodusters following Emancipation and African Americans seeking work during the Great Migration; and an inland … Continue reading

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Lexicon Terms: Cultural Landscapes and Historic Preservation

Section summary: Cultural landscapes and historic preservation are each concerned with sites significant to history and cultural identity.  Within each field, there is some level of awareness that selective study or preservation of sites creates history and identity, privileging particular … Continue reading

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